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Robert L Cochran wrote:
dsavage@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 18:31 -0500, Robert L Cochran wrote:

I realize this is going to sound stupid, but what motherboard, exactly,
can physically take 32 Gb of memory? What type of memory and where do
you get it at a reasonable price? It must cost a fortune for that much.
My wife has some applications that need memory beyond 4 Gb so I'm
interested in what you have to say.


AFAIK, with ten memory slots the Tyan quad-Opteron board
( is the current
king of the hill. You'd need 4G memory parts ($$$!!!) to get to 32G on
this or any of the many boards with eight memory slots.

But that's all theoretical because when maxed out this mobo is a true
yacht. You know...if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford

-- Doc
Robert G. (Doc) Savage, BSE(EE), CISSP, RHCE | Fairview Heights, IL
RHEL4/ES on Tyan S2468UGN w/3G, dual Athlon MP 2800+, 1.1T RAID5
"Perfection is the enemy of good enough."
                        -- Admiral of the Fleet Sergei G. Gorshkov


It's quite true I can't afford one of these babies. But it still leads me to another question. Where could I go to be shown how to build, configure, and test these systems? Or are they pretty much the same as consumer systems -- I've built 3 single processor systems for home use. Would these be the same, except one installs more CPUs, heat sinks, and memory. Or does it take specialized knowledge?




We built a 4-way Opteron server with TYAN mother board and 32GB RAM  last September,  we used SuSE 9.1
for AMD64, it costed about 30,000 US$.  The procedure is the same as for installing sngle and dual Opteron system, 
no special knowledge is needed (at least in this case, or perhaps we were just lucky).  When all components are
properly installed,  SuSE installer  picked up the right kernel and drivers for this 4-way system, the system has been
running continuously since then..

Jyh-Shyong Ho, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
National  Center for High Performance Computing
Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC


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