Re: Current best recommendation for Athlon 64 motherboard?

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> I remember (from the dark ages) that the nforce Linux drivers were at
> first non-existent, then closed source. I'd prefer a motherboard that
> runs out of the box on a recent kernel, or one that has a chance to do
> so in a couple of kernel releases (patching kernel sources or building
> open source kernel modules externally wouldn't break my leg).
> But if nforce4 is the best recommendation, we'd even bite the bullet
> and package up closed source nforce4 drivers.

Nforce4 drivers are neither closed source or non-existant.  I got a new
MSI nforce4 board and installed FC3 x86-64.  Audio works, SATA works,
GigE works.  

I haven't tried firewire yet.

Bill Broadley
Computational Science and Engineering
UC Davis



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