Re: Current best recommendation for Athlon 64 motherboard?

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Justin Crabtree wrote:

Rob Kirkbride wrote:

Axel Thimm wrote on 01/03/2005 13:42:


what are currently considered good high-end motherboards for desktop
use of Athlon 64s? Chipset recommendations are welcome as well!

I bought an Asus A8V-Deluxe and built a machine around that and it works a treat. Very stable - the onboard sound and ethernet work fine too. It does have a Wireless port on it as well but I haven't downloaded the driver from sourceforge because I haven't needed to.
I've tried both FC3 and CentOS4 beta on it and it works fine.


As far as the best motherboard, that depends on what you need it for. I would recommend looking at one of the new boards based on the NForce4 or K8T890 chipsets. Both of these chipsets support PCI-Express, which if you are building a new computer is the best way to go for future compatibility. Both chipsets have a just about everything you would need in a desktop machine. Check some reviews on reliable sites like AnandTech or Tom's Hardware and good luck. HTH.

I second this.
The nForce4 is the current leader, mainly because the VIA is so darned new.
I think the ASUS and MSI SLI and non SLI versions are the current performance and reliability leaders.
The Gigabyte, ECS, and so on are cheaper, but I think at this time you "get what you pay for".

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