Re: FC3 won't boot on Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra-939

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Xconnect flunked the Maximum PC review. They did not reccomend it, citing stability problems and voltage levels on the 12v rail. I don't reccomend it either. You are better off with the Antec or PC Power & Cooling unit. I'll try to find the magazine issue to see if they rated the Uneeq.


Doug Stewart wrote:

Robert L Cochran wrote:

You won't be able to use a cheap power supply with a 6800 card. And if the supply is really bad, it can damage your system components. You need at least a 430 watt power supply for that video card. Antec's top of the line supply recently got the best rating from Maximum PC magazine, which rated 7 different power supplies. You might want to read that. PC Power & Cooling's TurboCool came in second.

Bob Cochran

Doug Stewart wrote:

Doug Stewart wrote:

Howdy all,
I'm hoping you could point me in the right direction on this one.

I've recently acquired a spankin' new machine based on the K8NS-Ultra. I've got a single SATA drive attached to the Sil controller (I know, I know, the nForce SATA controller supposedly IS a Sil one; I'm talking about the separate one).

've installed FC3 (x86-64 edition) twice on it. The install goes flawlessly, but when I reboot, I never even get to the grub screen - the bios just complains "No operating systems found". FC seems to think I'm installing on /dev/sda, so on a hunch, I tried booting off a rescue disk and running `grub-install /dev/sda`. This took far longer than I have ever encountered on a non-AMD64 system, but eventually came back and reported no errors.

Upon reboot, I still received "No operating systems found". Help!

Thanks to all who have replied to me off-list. I'm thinking that, based upon some additional Google researching (and the fact that the power supply fan alarm is going off and issues I've had with a GeForce 6800 in the machine) that it may, in fact, be a power supply issue.

I'll check back in once I know more.

I was using an Xconnect, which was supposed to be pretty good. A new one is about to be RMA'd from my supplier.

In the meantime, I got a Uneeq 500W supply, reran rescue mode and manually wrote the partition table to the MBR with fdisk. Everything booted A-OK, so I guess I'll subsist on a substandard PS until the Xconnect comes in.

Thanks everyone for your help.

-- amd64-list@xxxxxxxxxx

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