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On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 01:25:10PM -0800, Peter Hsiang wrote:

[Please fix to word wrap within paragraphs, I've reflowed the text below.]

> I noticed that in the latest version of the kernel (next), the
> formatting of the soc sound driver file max98088.c had been changed.
> Someone had changed all the tabs to space-fill.  I thought the kernel
> coding standard encourages the use of tabs.  Is the use of space-fill
> the new formatting preference for the kernel?

No, everything should use raw tabs.

> I did not see this patch change on alsa-devel list.  
> How do I find out where and when this was changed?

There's been no change in the kernel here - looking at the original mail
from you adding the driver that used spaces rather than tabs.  I expect
that this was caused by a configuration issue in your mail system which
caused it to rewrite the content, either the user agent or something on
the server side.
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