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Trip Report: FWA-LAS

After surviving lots of taunts from friends about the routing, I 
embarked on this itinerary last Sunday.  (the best one: "I guess "round 
trip" really means round trip!")

If I didn't hear (or couldn't figure out) runway information, it's not 
included.  Security at both points was routine.

Here we go:

Sunday 10 April 2011

UA6995 FWA-ORD (op. Skywest) Seat 7B on a CRJ-200.

The Sunday evening weather forecast was stormy.  I kept a very close eye 
on my departure before leaving.  For about 15 minutes around Noon, the 
flight showed a 60 minute delay.  I wasn't worried, as I had a 2 hour, 
45 minute layover at ORD.

The flight left FWA Gate 6.  We battled a headwind.  Otherwise, the 
flight was uneventful.  The flight arrived ORD Gate F1A.  Despite the 
prior predicted delay, we left FWA a few minutes late and arrived ORD a 
few minutes early.

UA253 ORD-DEN Seat 37H on a Boeing 777-200.

The flight left from ORD Gate C16 and departed from Runway 28 at 1901. 
At its peak, we had 104mph headwind and at 38,000 feet, it was -65 
outside.  Brrr.

Among the flights I heard on ATC: Mercury 7544, 7577, 7526, 7541, 
Redwood 26, November 245, Jetlink 6016, Lindbergh 7408, 7389, 7450, 
Fivestar 515, and NZ2 (Air New Zealand flight #2, flying LAX-LHR).

I don't know what these callsigns mean, and I don't have a bookmark for 
airline callsigns (what's a good website for that?)

The flight arrived at DEN on Runway 7 at 2007 and then stopped at DEN 
Gate B16.  We left ORD a few minutes late and arrived DEN a few minutes 

Questions: Why did ATC refer to us as "United 253 Heavy"?

CO1604 DEN-LAS Seat 25D on a Boeing 737-800

The flight left from DEN Gate B16.  My IFE didn't work, so I switched 
seats with 25E and purchased ($6) DirecTV on-demand IFE, while the 
passenger formerly in 25E took a nap in 25D.

The flight arrived at LAS Gate D21.  We left DEN a few minutes late and 
arrived LAS a few minutes early.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

UA309 LAS-SFO Seat 22D on a Boeing 757-200.

I purchased a $19 Economy Plus seat upon web check-in, so I moved to 
seat 11D.

The flight left from LAS Gate D53.  We left about 25 minutes late, as 
the prior IAD-LAS flight with this aircraft was delayed at IAD.

The flight arrived at SFO Gate F82.

UA158 SFO-ORD Seat 23D on a Boeing 757-200.

At SFO, my carry-on suitcase was gate checked to ORD and onto FWA.  I 
asked a SFO gate agent about Economy Plus, and she traded me my prior 
seat for a free Economy Plus upgrade, as my prior seat would be used to 
keep a group of passengers together.  I sat in 15E.

The flight left from SFO Gate F80.  Of note, we had a female captain.  I 
listened to a bit of ATC, and she was told by ATC to reduce speed.  Her 
response was a repeat of that request, with the editorial word "Bummer!"

Among the flights I heard on ATC: Lifeguard 203, Alpine 5405, Redwood 
358, Citrus 225, Mountain 8558, Cargolux 771.

The flight arrived at ORD Gate C11.

Thursday 14 April 2011

UA6271 ORD-FWA (Op. Skywest) Seat 2B on a CRJ-200.

I was re-seated to satisfy weight and balance.  I sat in 8D, as a 
result.  The flight had 9 passengers on it, but the return FWA-ORD leg 
had roughly 20-25 passengers waiting to board at FWA.

The flight left from ORD Gate F2D.  We cruised at 19,000 feet, above the 

The flight arrived at FWA Gate 6.

- Blaine


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