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CAL adding more 757-300 from exATA fleet

First=0Acertified CO 757-300 with blended winglets now flying=0ACO=E2=80=99=
s first Boeing 757-300=0Aretrofitted with blended winglets =E2=80=93 the fi=
rst-ever 757-300 with winglets to fly=0Acommercially =E2=80=93 is now in re=
venue service. =0AAircraft 854 received the=0Afuel-saving winglets in India=
napolis (IND) earlier this month. At press time,=0Athe airplane is flying f=
rom EWR to Los Angeles (LAX) as Flight 702.=0AEarlier this year, Aviation=
=0APartners Boeing (APB), a joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and Th=
e Boeing Company, completed the world=E2=80=99s first blended 757-300 wingl=
et=0Ainstallation on a CO Aircraft. =0AThat aircraft was leased by CO to=0A=
APB so the 757-300 series could be flight tested and certified by the Feder=
al=0AAviation Administration (FAA). =0A=E2=80=9COur 757-300s have one of th=
e=0Alowest CASM in our narrowbody fleet, and installing winglets just made =
them=0Athat much more fuel-efficient and cost-effective,=E2=80=9D said Tech=
nical Services=0ASystems Engineer Jimmy Dutton. =E2=80=9CWhen this project =
is completed, every=0AContinental aircraft fleet type that currently has wi=
nglets available for=0Aretrofit will have the modification.=E2=80=9D=0ACO c=
urrently has 17 Boeing 757-300s=0Ain the fleet and will receive four additi=
onal ex-ATA aircraft later this=0Ayear.  The aircraft will be reconfigured =
to CO=E2=80=99s specification prior to=0Aentering service.  Aircraft 859 is=
 currently at AAR and is scheduled to=0Areturn to service late next week.


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