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Re: Good Bye Larry

No Paul.  For some reason, Roger's messages always look like that.  It's an
ongoing discussion point but, so far, there seems to be no solution.


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Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 6:32 PM
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Subject: Re: Good Bye Larry

Am I the only one getting this message with looks like puncuation codes?


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Roger LaFrance" <lafrance@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <AIRLINE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 5:57 PM
Subject: Good Bye Larry

> THE =0AAIRLINE=0AHOUSTON, =0AJuly 16, 2009 --  Continental Airlines 
> (NYSE:=
> CAL) announced today that Jeff =0ASmisek, 54, Continental=E2=80=99s 
> presid=
> ent and chief operating officer and a member of =0Athe board of directors,

> =
> will become chairman and chief executive officer, =0Aeffective January 1, 
> 2=
> 010.  Smisek will succeed Larry Kellner, 50, who has =0Adecided to return 
> t=
> o private equity at year-end after 14 years with Continental, =0Athe last 
> f=
> ive of them as chairman and CEO.  =0A  =0A=E2=80=9CIt has been a great 
> hono=
> r to lead the professional men and women of Continental =0Aand be part of 
> t=
> he premier airline in the industry,=E2=80=9D Kellner said.  =E2=80=9CI 
> have=
> =0Aworked closely with Jeff throughout my tenure, and he is a strong and 
> e=
> ffective =0Aleader.  I am confident Jeff will maintain 
> Continental=E2=80=99=
> s unique culture and =0Asuccessfully lead the Continental team through 
> thes=
> e challenging =0Atimes.=0A=E2=80=9CWhile =0AI will deeply miss my 
> co-worker=
> s at Continental, it is the right time for this =0Atransition. 
> Continental=
> has gained approval from DOT of our Star Alliance =0Aapplication, which 
> wi=
> ll allow us to continue as an effective global competitor,=E2=80=9D 
> =0AKell=
> ner added.=0A=E2=80=9CThe =0ABoard thanks Larry for his tremendous 
> leadersh=
> ip of Continental during some of =0Athe most challenging times this 
> industr=
> y has faced,=E2=80=9D said Henry Meyer, lead =0Adirector for Continental. 
> =
> =0A =E2=80=9CThe =0ABoard has consistently focused on succession planning,

> =
> and Jeff=E2=80=99s experience, =0Askills and long partnership with Larry 
> ma=
> ke him the ideal executive to succeed =0ALarry as chairman and CEO. We 
> look=
> forward to working with Jeff as he continues =0AContinental=E2=80=99s 
> indu=
> stry leadership.=E2=80=9D=0A =E2=80=9CAlthough =0AI am saddened that Larry

> =
> has decided to move on, I respect his decision and wish =0Ahim continued 
> su=
> ccess,=E2=80=9D said Smisek.  =E2=80=9COver the next several months, Larry

> =
> and I =0Awill work together to ensure a smooth transition.  Our entire 
> team=
> will remain =0Afocused on returning our company to profitability, and 
> Cont=
> inental=E2=80=99s great =0Aculture will continue to be the driving force 
> of=
> the company=E2=80=99s long-term =0Asuccess,=E2=80=9D he added. 
> =0AHouston=
> -based =0Aboard member Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell noted Kellner=E2=80=99s 
> civ=
> ic contributions.   =0A=E2=80=9CThe Houston community has been blessed 
> with=
> having Larry as both a leader at =0AContinental and a leader of our 
> commun=
> ity.  Continental has been a tremendous =0Apartner to the Houston 
> community=
> and we look forward to working with Jeff as he =0Aassumes his new 
> role,=E2=
> =80=9D said Pastor Caldwell.=0A            =0AContinental was named 
> Fortune=
> magazine=E2=80=99s No. 1 Most Admired Global Airline in =0Aeach year of 
> Ke=
> llner=E2=80=99s tenure as chairman and CEO.  He fostered 
> Continental=E2=80=
> =99s =0Aworking together culture, while leading the carrier=E2=80=99s 
> expan=
> sion into London =0AHeathrow, China and India and focusing the company on 
> f=
> uel efficiency and =0Aenvironmental responsibility.=0AKellner =0Awill head

> =
> Emerald Creek Group, LLC, a new private investment firm based in 
> =0AHouston=
> .   =0AJeff =0ASmisek biography=0AJeff =0ASmisek is president and chief 
> ope=
> rating officer of Continental Airlines and a =0Amember of the Board of 
> Dire=
> ctors. He is responsible for airline operations, =0Aincluding flight 
> operat=
> ions, inflight, airports, catering, cargo, maintenance =0Aand technical 
> ope=
> rations, and also human resources and labor relations, global =0Areal 
> estat=
> e, security and environmental affairs, corporate communications, 
> =0Afederal=
> affairs, and international, state and local affairs.  Over the course of =
> =0Ahis tenure at Continental, he has also overseen sales and marketing, 
> tec=
> hnology =0Aand legal affairs.  =0ASmisek =0Ajoined the airline in March 
> 199=
> 5 as senior vice president and general counsel, =0Aand has since held 
> posit=
> ions of increasing responsibility. He became president =0Ain December 2004

> =
> and president and chief operating officer in September 2008.  =0APrior to 
> j=
> oining Continental, Smisek was a partner at Vinson & Elkins LLP, =0Awhere 
> h=
> e specialized in corporate finance and securities =0Alaw.=0ASmisek 
> =0Agradu=
> ated from Princeton University, A.B. summa cum laude in economics, in 
> 1976,=
> =0Aand Harvard Law School, J.D. magna cum laude, in 1982. He also serves 
> o=
> n the =0Aboard of directors of National Oilwell Varco, Inc. Smisek and his

> =
> wife reside in =0AHouston and are long-time supporters of numerous 
> charitab=
> le and civic =0Aorganizations.=0ALarry =0AKellner biography=0AKellner 
> =0Ajo=
> ined Continental in 1995 as chief financial officer. In May 2001, he was =
> =0Aelected president of the airline and to the Board of Directors, and in 
> M=
> arch =0A2003, he was named president and chief operating officer. He 
> became=
> chairman and =0Achief executive officer in December 2004.=0APrior =0Ato 
> jo=
> ining Continental, Kellner was executive vice president and chief 
> financial=
> =0Aofficer of American Savings Bank, owned by The Robert M. Bass Group. 
> Pr=
> ior to =0Athat, he was executive vice president and chief financial 
> officer=
> of The Koll =0ACompany, a private real estate investment and construction 
> =
> =0Afirm.=0AKellner =0Agraduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of science

> =
> in business administration =0Afrom the University of South Carolina, where

> =
> he served as Student Body =0APresident.  In addition, the University of 
> Sou=
> th Carolina presented him with the =0ADistinguished Alumni Award in 1998. 
> =
> =0AKellner =0Ais active in numerous community and civic organizations. He 
> c=
> urrently serves on =0Athe board of directors for Marriott International 
> and=
> the Air Transport =0AAssociation. On the civic front, he is a member of 
> th=
> e board of directors for =0Athe Methodist Hospital, YMCA of Greater 
> Houston=
> , the Greater Houston =0APartnership, the Spring Branch Education 
> Foundatio=
> n, and Central Houston, Inc., =0Aand is a member of the Boy Scouts of 
> Ameri=
> ca National Executive Board. Kellner =0Aalso serves on the advisory boards

> =
> of the March of Dimes and Teach for America, =0Aand is on the development 
> b=
> oard of the University of Texas Health Science Center =0Aat Houston. He 
> res=
> ides in Houston with his wife, Susan, and their four =0Achildren. 
> =0A#=
> ##
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If you wish to unsubscribe from the AIRLINE List, please send an E-mail to:
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