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JetAmerica discount airline delays launch

JetAmerica discount airline delays launch=0ATHE ASSOCIATED PRESS =E2=80=A2 =
July 2, 2009 =0A=09* Post a Comment=0A=09*  Recommend=0A=09* Print this pag=
e=0A=09* E-mail this article=0A=09* Share =0A=09* Del.icio.us=0A=09* Facebo=
ok=0A=09* Digg=0A=09* Reddit=0A=09* Newsvine=0A=09* Buzz up! =0A=09* Twitte=
r=0A=09* =0A=0ANEWARK, N.J. (AP) =E2=80=94 A fledgling discount airline is =
having trouble getting off the ground.=0A  =0AClearwater,=0AFla.-based JetA=
merica issued a statement Thursday saying it's delaying=0Athe start of flig=
ht operations a month. It cited problems securing=0Alanding and takeoff slo=
ts at Newark Liberty International Airport in=0ANew Jersey.=0A It's refundi=
ng about $500,000 in credit card purchases by more than 6,400 customers.=0A=
 JetAmerica had planned to offer 34 flights a day starting July 13 to=0ANew=
ark and Minneapolis and to underserved airports in Melbourne, Fla.;=0AToled=
o, Ohio; Lansing, Mich.; and South Bend, Ind. Its new projected start date =
is Aug. 14.


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