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Stolen Photo Posted Nearing Finale

Thanks to those who wrote their web site. Received these responses from 
the owner. And those who wrote will probably too.


Dear Sir,


Our Website, totally free of charge, is open to anybody since 2000 and 
we are confident to the people who send us pictures.

In the present case, we received this photo from Mr. Goldfish but we 
trust you and we of course will delete it from our website,

except in the case if you prefer that we put your name instead.


We apologize for that but when somebody send us a picture, we also trust 
in his honnesty. By the present case, it seems that you

are true, this man stole your photo. Sorry for that.


We thank you in advance to give your answer : or we delete it or we 
change to your name.


Please accept our sincere regards


Shortly after:


Dear Sir,


This second message just to inform you that i twas not possible for me 
to do anything before now because I was on holidays.

I am just returning home now.


Awaiting your answer to my previous email.


Sincerely Yours


Dear Sir,


I thank you for your kind and prompt reply.


I already send a message to your friends who also send me a message and 
the your attorney at law.


Again, I apologize for this situation, I do not work in this matter. Mr 
Goldfish was unfaithful to me and you also.


I will make the correction tomorrow, itâ¤^(TM)s now midnight, I go 
sleep� after 10 hours drive�


Sincere thanks for your comprehension and your kind permission.


Please accept my sincere regards



*ACRO*, Geneva


Historian in Aircraft Accidents

So we shall see tomorrow.

Thanks again for the support and the avenue to vent.



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