Re: LC_ALL and UTF-8 directory names

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On 10/03/11 07:39, Akim Demaille wrote:
> The JVM is quite happy with that.  Unless you make the name "invalid"
> by setting LC_ALL to C for instance, which Autoconf does.

Eeuuuw!  (I think that's the proper technical term. :-)

Hmm, Autoconf itself doesn't have this issue, right?
as it does not use Java.  So the issue is more about files that invoke the JVM.

The Autoconf-generated 'configure' code checks that the
output of "pwd" works when given as an argument to "cd".
Perhaps programs that invoke the JVM should
also check the JVM equivalent of "cd", to make sure it
also works.  I don't offhand see how to automate this under
Autoconf, though, not unless Autoconf picks up a bunch
of Java support.

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