Re: distclean rule works well, but distcheck said it doesn't.

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Hi Nicolai
I do understand what you're saying, but that's what I really try to avoid.
There is a really huge reason why not to do what you say, As I say earlier:
> Also, you shell noticed than this scripts compile from vala language if compiler exist, otherwise it use C compiler.
> (Vala compiles first to C, and then to binaries)

This is almost a standard in vala written packages. So what happen if I use AM_PROG_VALAC([min_vala_vers])?
If the user don't have this, it fails to compile, because it 
The trick of *_vala.stamp is taken from the automake automatic support of vala, but I want to do it differently(so it can compiles only with gcc).
Type ./configure --help, and notice the --enable-vala and --disable-vala.
The example I used for doing this is in directory ./examples/automake of xfce4-vala package, here it is:


> From: nicolai.stange@xxxxxxx
> To: autoconf@xxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: distclean rule works well, but distcheck said it doesn't.
> Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 11:10:01 +0200
> Hi Tal,
> Now I had a deeper look.
> Did you notice that Automake has builtin Vala support doing exactly what
> you want:
> Just call AM_PROG_VALAC from within and add your *.vala
> files to your *_SOURCES as you would have done with ordinary C files.
> Best
> Nicolai
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