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Dear Autoconfers

Following the subject " Multiple subdirectories with non-similar configure needs" a few weeks ago, I'm thinking of the orchestration of the build of many components.

This subject is above Autoconf, but, as autoconf and autotools implements build processes based on linux platform, it seems a good point to start from and ask the question :

Does anybody know about a tool that, like Maven historically do for java programs, enable the orchestration of the builds phases of C products on a linux platform ?

If you don't see what I mean by "orchestration" let explain what I mean (This term seems therefore close to continuous-integration) :

Let me explain what I mean :
For each component I use to build my product, I have to do the following phases :
	Check the CONFIGURATION of the component for this build process 
	Extract the sources/ 
	If sources is to be patched, then save the source in another directory, and patch
	If sources got but not configure, then copy the in another directory and run autoreconf
	If sources got a configure then go in the build directory, and launch configure
	If sources is configurable from dist directory, go in build directory and launch the configuration
	If Makefile exist : Launch make


Some process can be complex because :
	Two components of the same final product may require the configuration of the same dependency in two ways...

Example : final product is composed of a binary "prog-a", and a uml-linux with an appropriate initrd.gz which, contains "prog-b"
The "prog-a" runs on the workstation, and depends on  "dep", and can be compiled with default gcc...
The "prog-b" runs on uml-linux, with a different arch, and depends also on "dep", but compiled with a cross-compiled version of gcc...

They leads to the creation of multiple directories (extract, patched, configured, build, install....) that shall be organized is some good-maybe standard- way.

Can somebody tell me if there is an open-source tool, supported by community, and widely accepted on linux/autotool/make platform to cope with this problem ?

Thank you in advance
Best regards

CÃdric Gava
Software engineer
Embedded system and MBSE

ZAC des Ramassiers
BÃtiment Omega
22, bd DÃodat de SÃverac
F-31770 Colomiers

TÃl: +33 (0)5 62 16 79 93
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