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Re: Yum for Windows?

On 03/22/2012 07:08 PM, Ioan Vlad wrote:
The question should start with "are there any software for windows

distributed as rpm packages".If the answer is no, then there's no point in having yum on windows.

That's a chicken-and-egg problem, because if one is using a multiplatform build utility like SCons, then everything in the RPM file can be portable, but using RPM without a dependency resolution tool like yum is awkward and a headache, so no wonder nobody does it. The same reasoning can be used to argue against ever creating anything new ("If nobody does that already, then it's useless"). Of course, the argument is wrong.

OK, let me reformulate. I am trying to distribute portable code on both Windows and Linux, in a sane manner, so it will be able to pull its dependencies recursively, etc (basically what yum is doing with RPM). All that is needed is downloading and unpacking archives, and doing dependency resolution recursively. From what you say, I understand that yum is neither flexible enough, nor truly multiplatform. Does anybody know any other utility that does this?

Thank you,
I. Vlad

Rpm packages mostly distribute GPL-ed software. You would need complicated legal platform to put installation packages in some repository. That is where are no comprehensive solutions.

What you can do in Windows is to package your code as msi, and use Installation utility to check if something is installed and to download it is necessary and install it. I have seen some very prominent software doing it, like bundled Winamp.

Big companies use msi to apply software on large number of PC's, but I never needed to know exactly how.


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