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Re: integrate yum with bittorrent.

Spacelee <fjctlzy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> My situation:
> 1. more than 100 servers
> 2. just 1 repo server.
> 3. we need to update 100 server's software, and the network is just
> 1000mbps.
> Download the software from the repo server is really slow for 100 nodes, and
> with this limitation, we couldn't update softwares parallel, someone
> suggests me using bittorrent, but my question is how to integrate bittorrent
> with yum? so that I don't need to use a bittorrent client to download files
> first and then use yum localinstall? And just with the original command :
> yum install software

 Have you actually tried bittorrent? My guess is that it's not going
to be better.

 In theory you could use something like udpcast, but that will
probably be much harder to setup than just installing yum-cron and
having it do the downloads to clients at 2am or whatever.
 Or not having the updates be in such large chunks.

James Antill -- james@xxxxxxx
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