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Re: RPM/YUM book and suggestions for the yum(8) man page

On 10/07/11 20:24, Andrew Ford wrote:
As I posted back in April, I am writing a book for O'Reilly on RPM and YUM. The timescales have slipped somewhat due to the demands of the day job, but it is starting to come together. Apologies to those who volunteered to review the book - I will have something to look at soon now.

While trying to get my head around everything to do with yum I realized that the man page is rather indigestible. It lists about 30 different commands in no discernible order. One could organize the commands into three categories: (1) reporting (on packages, groups, repos and dependencies), (2) package installation, upgrade and removal, and (3) housekeeping and miscellaneous. I would be happy to modify the man page if people would like to get an idea of how it might be restructured.

I have put a formatted PDF of my modified version of the man page up at


All I have done is added sections to group the commands and moved text around.

Comments would be welcome.


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