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Re: yumdb: utility of from_repo_revision and from_repo_timestamp

Daniel Drake <dsd@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> OLPC has a custom OS update system based on rsync of differences of 1
> filesystem image to the next.
> To make this as quick and efficient as possible, we have an interest
> in reducing needless delta between the old version and the 2.
> Currently, every time we do a new build, there are huge differences in
> the yumdb, even if the set of installed packages didn't really change
> between the 2  builds. This is because the from_repo_revision and
> from_repo_timestamp files change under each db entry.
> We'd save time if we could avoid changes in those files.
> So, my question is: what is the utility of those files? I see that
> they get displayed with the "yumdb info" command. Anything else?
> If I were to set the value 0 in all of those
> from_repo_revision/from_repo_timestamp files, meaning that they
> wouldn't change from build-to-build, would there be any obvious side
> effects?

 I'm pretty sure that'll be safe ... but given they should all the new
versions should have the same value why don't you just call "hardlink"?

James Antill -- james@xxxxxxx
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