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Re: yum-updatesd: autoinstall updates only from certain repos

Alan Franzoni <mailing@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello,
> I've got a requirement that I don't know if yum can fulfill; my target
> OSes are Centos and Redhat 5.
> Let's suppose the scenario in which all Centos or Redhat original
> repos are configured, some packages are installed from those of
> course, and then there's a "foorepo" from which I'd always like to
> download and automatically install updates from as soon as possibile.
> Such packages may have dependencies on Centos/Redhat packages that may
> vary in the course of time.
> So, I'd like to download and automatically install any update from
> "foorepo" as well as any absolutely required updated package (or new
> dependency) from Centos/Redhat repos, but I'd like that other packages
> (Centos/Redhat updates) are never installed without an explicit
> "yum-update" from me.
> Is there any way to do it through standard yum or yum-updatesd
> configuration? I couldn't find out how.
> Otherwise, would it be possible to extend such behaviour through a
> custom plugin? Or do plugins apply just to yum and not to
> yum-updatesd?

 There is no good/easy way to do that, currently. You could probably
easily alter the filter-data plugin to allow you to filter based on
repoid. As a hack you might be able to trigger off --filter-vendor or
 Also, if you can do a little work in the repo. you could:

1. Add updateinfo data, and use yum-security to trigger off that.

2. Add a group with all the repos. packages, and then just groupupdate
that group.

...note that plugins apply to yum-updatesd, but all of the above are
cmd line only (so I'd probably just stick something in cron).

James Antill -- james@xxxxxxxxxxx
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