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Re: yum-updatesd: autoinstall updates only from certain repos


we have a similar requirement, we need to update only packages from yum
repositories while ignoring packages in RHN repositories.

In our case it is about an environment where some repos come from RHN
Satellite and some are plain yum repos and different people are in
charge of the RHN world and of the yum world.

Our solution was to write a script that would use repoquery to find out
which packages to update and then use yum to update these named
packages. I believe that it would be simple to adapt this script to
enable only certain repos for repoquery.

The relevant part of this script looks like this:

UPDATES=( $(repoquery -a --pkgnarrow=updates --queryformat "%{name}") )
if [ "${#UPDATES[@]}" -gt 0 ] ; then
	exec yum upgrade "${UPDATES[@]}"
	echo 1>&2 "no YUM upgrades available"

For our use case the trick is that repoquery needs the --plugins option
to "see" the RHN repos. You would use --enablerepo=myrepo1,myrepo2 and
--disablerepo=* to narrow down the repositories to the ones you want to
pull updates from.

This script snippet is part of a yum wrapper that we wrote to wrap such

Kind Regards,

Am 29.03.2011 17:41, schrieb Alan Franzoni:
> Hello,
> I've got a requirement that I don't know if yum can fulfill; my target
> OSes are Centos and Redhat 5.
> Let's suppose the scenario in which all Centos or Redhat original
> repos are configured, some packages are installed from those of
> course, and then there's a "foorepo" from which I'd always like to
> download and automatically install updates from as soon as possibile.
> Such packages may have dependencies on Centos/Redhat packages that may
> vary in the course of time.
> So, I'd like to download and automatically install any update from
> "foorepo" as well as any absolutely required updated package (or new
> dependency) from Centos/Redhat repos, but I'd like that other packages
> (Centos/Redhat updates) are never installed without an explicit
> "yum-update" from me.
> Is there any way to do it through standard yum or yum-updatesd
> configuration? I couldn't find out how.
> Otherwise, would it be possible to extend such behaviour through a
> custom plugin? Or do plugins apply just to yum and not to
> yum-updatesd?
> Thanks,
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