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another question about installing version specific rpms using yum

I am sure this is a simple problem for most but we are perplexed by this issue and need some help

We are using yum 2.6 on rhel4 and we are having a problem installing a specific version of an rpm. This repo is in our QA vertical and we have 3 version of code being tested at any given time. In this situation we have 2 rpms of a higher version in the repo than what is installed on the server. We have been trying to installed the next higher version rpm but not the highest version rpm and the install is not working. Yum is reporting that their is nothing to install, but yum search is seeing the rpm because we see the correct rpm version as output.

We can remove the rpm and then install the correct rpm but that is a step we are hoping to avoid. Is this expected behavior? Would one of the plugins help? Do I need to provide any other information? This is my first post to the mailing list and I am not sure what is needed to debug the issue.


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