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help! basic-auth not working from custom yum repo file

On Tue, 2010-11-09 at 13:25 -0500, Tom Sztur wrote:
> Hi Seth,
> it shows as the following .deb package was installed for urlgrabber:
> python-urlgrabber_3.1.0-5ubuntu1_all.deb

> I also tried copying the grabber.py from python2.3 (from a system that
> does work) but no luck :(


> (sorry I had to reply directly to you and cc the list, gmail has
> problems with some maillingl ists)

> --

> what version of urlgrabber is it?

>The server you're authing  against, it's not an NTLM-based server is it?

>skvidal, yum
nope, standard apache basic-auth authentication.  earlier version of Yum on RHEL dosn't have this problem :(
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