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Re: Issue with python upgradation

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 14:35, Rohit Kumar Nayyar <nayyar.rohit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Python is not able to find the yum module, you should look into python2.6/lib/site-packages/ for yum modules, if they are not there, you have probably lost them or somehow they are not in the standard location where python is trying to locate them. 

It's pretty likely nothing is there, because there is no Yum for Python 2.6 installed on CentOS by default. So either you are to place the yum files in your Python 2.6 site-packages directory yourself, change Python 2.6's 'searchpath', build a Yum RPM for your Python 2.6 environment or - and that's probably the best thing to do - make sure Yum uses your old Python 2.4 binary instead of the newer Python 2.6 one. I'm guessing your new Python overwrote your old Python binary or is earlier than the old one in your $PATH.

If you just execute python, what version launches?

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