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Re: Feature request ... or How to.

Dave Pawson wrote:
On 3 May 2010 13:32, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Caution noted Les.
Can't see that I can do much about that.
Other than install one package at a time... which
I was trying to avoid on the time consumption front!
What I normally do is install the yum configs for 3rd party repos but leave
them disabled, then make sure all the packages from the base repos are
installed and updated before doing 'yum --enablerepo=reponame install
package1 package2' to get things from each 3rd party repo.  There may be
better way to automate it with priorities or pinning but  that has generally

Does yum 'halt' on recognising a conflict in these situations?
Or just install the update (e.g. of a dependency installed from a 3rd party
which overwrites a base repo of the same name) regardless. I can't see
any logic for it
not accepting such an update? Other than a way of saying 'hey yum,
repo X has higher priority than repo Y' which I don't think exists?

Yum's idea of a conflict may not be the same as yours. Yum will just take the highest rev of any package you request or is a dependency of one you request. 3rd party repos are always designed to co-exist with the base distribution so if only one is enabled at a time you rarely have conflicts. There is still the risk of a dependency of a package causing a conflict with dependencies of a package you want from a different repo - but I don't see a good way to automate your way around that because you probably don't know ahead of time what library versions you need and the revision numbering will not be coordinated. In fact, things you've installed from one third party repo may later appear in another or even the base distro with incompatible build options and cause trouble in updates regardless of how you try to handle it. It would really be nicer if yum had a mechanism to only update from the repo where a package originated.

  Les Mikesell

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