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Re: createrep question

I understand. Then let's approach this another way. Here's the patch we
made in createrepo/dumpMetadata.py:

    def arch(self):
        if self.tagByName('sourcepackage') == 1 or (
        not self.options['relaxed-sourcerpm-check'] and not
self.tagByName('sourcerpm') ):
            return 'src'
            return self.tagByName('arch')

Here's the original "if" expression:

        if self.tagByName('sourcepackage') == 1 or not

What risks are we taking by allowing binary RPMs to omit a sourcerpm
tag? Can we assume that, for workaround purposes, the sourcepackage tag
was not adequate for detecting source RPMs and, hence, the additional
test for a missing sourcerpm tag was required? I lack your broad
exposure to RPMs, so I don't know how commonly this condition occurs.



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On Fri, 26 Feb 2010, Kidwell,jr, Jack wrote:

> I am advised to "lawyer up", so I cannot send the raw header dump you
> requested. (Pesky non-disclosure agreement.) I am sending an ascii
> header dump of the COTS RPM tags and their respective value data type.
> few generic tag values are exposed. Also attached is the script that
> dumps these headers.
>> From these tags observe that there is no 'sourcerpm' or
> tag.
> I apologize for being obtuse.
> Thanks for your help!

I really cannot help you unless I can get more specific information on 
this package.

I'm not trying to be an obstacle but this is like feeling around in the 


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