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Re: [PATCH] add arm support for libgcore

Hi Hatayama,

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 4:33 PM, HATAYAMA Daisuke
<d.hatayama@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Lei,
> Thanks for making patch. I'll check your patch this week, but I have
> two things to ask you.
> 1. I don't know arm architecture at all and I don't have arm
> machine. What I can do is only testing common part and regression test
> on x86 architecture. Please maintain arm part yourself.

Sure, it is my pleasure. :)

> 2. Could you tell me specific kernel versions you have tested this
> patch in? I myself have yet to do this, but now I think it necessary
> to make such a list. I imagine just like makedumpfile's SUPPORTED
> KERNELS described in its README. I'll put them in gcore's README and
> then ask Dave to add them into description in distribution page.

I am current testing with kernel and 3.0.8, and they are both ok.
But I see below warnings during extracting, while the extracted core
dump image is
OK for gdb, I don't know whether it there is still some missing in
original implementation,
or those pages just don't existed in memory?

gcore: PT_LOAD[165]: af900000 - af90e000
gcore: WARNING: page fault at af909000
gcore: WARNING: page fault at af90d000
> Thanks.
> HATAYAMA, Daisuke


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