Re: Qemu restore error.

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On 03/05/2012 11:12 AM, Sharad Mishra wrote:
> Eric,

No need to single me out; there are several readers on this list that
might be online when I am not.

> 	I have a RHEL6.0 machine running libvirt 0.8.7-18. I am running into
> issue mentioned in one of the previous posting.

Since you are using RHEL, you may want to consider upgrading to RHEL
6.2, or opening a support incident with Red Hat to take advantage of
your subscription.

> # virsh start <domain>
> error: Failed to start domain <domain>
> error: operation failed: failed to read qemu header
> # od -N 128 -tx1z /path/to/ 
>  0000000
> 	The workaroud to run --force-boot does not work on 0.8.
> 	Is a fix available for this issue?

Yes.  Either upgrade to newer libvirt, or use 'virsh managedsave-remove

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