Re: qcow2 performance

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Am 06.02.2012 13:26, schrieb Andreas Kurz:

> A brief summary about qcow2 performance ... HTH

thanks -...

We are right now testing stuff.

I can't set "cache=none" on the productive box ... but it works on my
test-box w/ libvirt-0.9.8 and qemu-kvm-0.15.1-r1 (gentoo linux).

Significant difference: my testbox runs kernel 3.2.2, productive box
3.0.0 ... could that make the difference?


Things done so far:

latest virtio-drivers in w2003-vm

deadline scheduler for hdd-IO

data=journal for ext4 (ok? think safety)

Should I mount the ext4 as ext3 instead?



We are currently trying to figure out if the Windows-clients are the
slower part in the game ... checking network etc.

Thanks, greets ...

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