Re: Listing machines as non-root user

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On 04/27/2011 12:11 PM Maciej Gałkiewicz wrote:
> I realized that this URI is not appropriate for my xen. I have tried as 

Sorry, I'm sticking with kvm for quiet some time now and haven't been using
xen for a while.

> root: # virsh -c xen:/// list Id Name                 State 
> ---------------------------------- 0 Domain-0             running 14
> i-4E8D088D           idle
> As user eucalyptus: $  virsh -c xen:/// list Id Name
> State ----------------------------------
> And as user eucalyptus with debug mode I got sth like this: 
> 12:07:43.032: 22147: debug : xenUnifiedOpen:335 : Trying XenD
> sub-driver 12:07:43.032: 22147: debug : xenUnifiedOpen:364 : Handing off
> for remote driver 12:07:43.032: 22147: debug : xenUnifiedOpen:393 :
> Failed to activate a mandatory sub-driver

Could you please have a look at the permissions of the xend sockets under
/var/run/xend/*? Since virsh is being executed with the the privileges of
the currently logged on user, the driver might not be able to access the
respective socket for reading which causes the driver .

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