Re: Monitoring KVM Machine Uptimes

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On 05/31/2010 10:16 AM, Karsten Knese wrote:
> Hey folks.
> Currently, I am working on an accounting-solution for Private Cloud with 
> Eucalyptus as my bachelor-thesis. Eucalyptus bases on libvirt providing 
> the KVM machines. Part of the thesis is kind of measurement for the 
> uptimes of each instance in the cloud.
> As Eucalyptus is based on libvirt, i want to know if there is kind of 
> tool already setup for monitoring a vm in terms of uptimes, cputimes and 
> disk i/o.

Disk I/O and cpu time is reported by libvirt. See 'virsh domblkstat' and
'virsh dominfo' respectively. Uptime isn't explicitly listed by libvirt,
but you can get a sorta uptime by just watching virsh domid output and
making sure the domain ID doesn't change.

- Cole

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