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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response, will try and sort it out today...

Kind Regards


Quoting Chris Lalancette <clalance@xxxxxxxxxx>:

On 04/30/2010 09:11 AM, Anthony Davis wrote:

i have KVM running at the moment and im trying to do a text based
install of centos, so i need to connect to the console via virsh

virsh console servername

but i get this error:

error: Failed to get local hostname

Yeah, this is an unfortunate bug in the virsh console code at
the moment.  It tries to fetch the hostname so that it can check
whether the connection is local or remote (since we don't currently
support the console on remote machines).

The problem usually comes down to the fact that whatever "hostname"
returns maps to localhost.  In /etc/hosts, make sure that the
line only has "localhost" and "localhost.localdomain", and *not* the
hostname of your server.  Then make sure /etc/hosts has an entry for
the IP address of your machine.  If you can't get it to work, send
a copy of your /etc/hosts, the output from "hostname" and the output
from "ifconfig", and I can suggest modifications.

Note that this is considered a bug, and we want to fix it, we just
haven't gotten around to it yet.

Chris Lalancette

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