FYI: Notes on setting up KVM guests using iSCSI

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DV suggested that we document some libvirt setups using shared storage. I'm
not a fan of NFS, so I wrote some blog posts on how to use iSCSI in the
context of libvirt + KVM.

There is of course more than one way todo things, so I've outlined a couple
of different options. One completely manual command line approach using
tgtadm on the iSCSI server:

..and virsh/virt-install on the KVM host

Then one completely GUI based approach, using a QNAP NAS as the iSCSI server

..and a virt-manager on the KVM host:

You can of course mix+match, doing the iSCSI server the manual way and the
libvirt bits the GUI way and vica-verca. Any other commercial iSCSI server
will have the same concepts so the libvirt instructions apply in all likely

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