RFC: TODO list for a 1.0 release

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We have mentioned a 1.0 release in passing a few times recently but we
have never really set out a clear list of goals for such a notable
release. This thread is an attempt to clarify such goals. To avoid
making the 1.0 target too hard, we should aim for as *little* as
possible on our TODO list. I think the priority here should be on public
API level things, or core libvirt infrastructure, and not random impl
details of specific hypervisors. In particular I think we should focus
on things that make libvirt better to develop app against.

IMHO we should have the following things in the 1.0 release

 - List object APIs which directly return the object instance

    * virConnectListAllDomains
    * virConnectListAllInterfaces
    * virConnectListAllNetworks
    * virConnectListAllNWFIlters
    * virConnectListAllNodeDevices
    * virConnectListAllSecrets
    * virConnectListAllStoragePools

    * virDomainListAllSnapshots

    * virStoragePoolListAllVolumes

   NB: with support across LXC, UML, Xen, LibXL, QEMU & ESX

 - Lifecycle events for all top level objects

    * virConnectInterfaceEventRegisterAny
    * virConnectNetworkEventRegisterAny
    * virConnectNWFilterEventRegisterAny
    * virConnectNodeDeviceEventRegisterAny
    * virConnectSecretEventRegisterAny
    * virConnectStoragePoolEventRegisterAny

 - Fine grained access control

    * Access control infrastructure
    * PolicyKit driver impl
    * Simple RBAC driver impl
    * SELinux driver impl            (probably not needed for 1.0)

Do you have suggestions for anything else that you think is very
important for libvirt ?

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