Re: Re-2: [Patch] Libvirt - Fix locking for readonly devices

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On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 08:32:01AM +0000, David Weber wrote:
> > This isn't good - the lock manager implementation must be the
> > one to decide what todo with readonly & shared disks. The sanlock
> > plugin, however, does not currently support readonly/shared leases
> > hence why it rejects them. We could probably add a config param
> > to allow readonly/shared leases to be skipped by the sanlock plugin.
> Thanks for clarification. I've attached an updated patch which 
> adds such a config param. It works but I can't test 
> live-migration at the moment. But as far as I understood it 
> shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks, your patch looks good but needs two further small additions
to the libvirt_sanlock.aug and test_libvirt_sanlock.aug files to
take account of the new config parameter.

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