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> From: Roderick Johnstone [mailto:rmj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 01 February 2012 16:29
> On 31/01/12 14:35, Moray Henderson (ICT) wrote:
> > Is there a Thing like list-harddrivesavailable yet to help
> kickstarters
> > work out what their network card is called - or which is the Ethernet
> > and which the Wireless?  Or any tips for people wanting to do it the
> New
> > Way?
> Depending on where and when in the kickstart process you need this info
> you can parse the output of /sbin/ifconfig or /sbin/route in the %post
> section.
> eg For our Fedora 16 network installs we boot via dhcp and
> NetworkManager configures an interface. In the %post section of the
> kickstart file we do something like:
> netdevice=`/sbin/route | awk '$1 == "default" { print $8 }'`
> to return the name of the network device. We then make some
> customizations to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-${netdevice}

Thanks, although it wouldn't work quite that way for us - our servers have
network configured manually at first boot time: they _are_ the dhcp server
for the rest of the network.  However, if ifconfig(8) doesn't help us, ip(8)
should, with perhaps a dip into lspci(8) if necessary.  Might see if there's
anything useful in /sys/class/net or /proc too.  Just would be nice to know
in advance what to look for!

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