Re: How to start MySql on %post install and insert data

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I already try your sugeestion, mysqld start, but without bind socket, so
mysqld start but mysql and mysqladmin does not connect to him.

any other sugestions ?

On Thu, 26 Jan 2012 00:34:37 -0200, Sebastiao Rocha <rocha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi guys, i nee ome help.
> im using kickstart from fedora 7 to fedora 13, now im trying to use it
> fedora 16 with no success 
> my trouble is how to start mysqld on post install
> i have tried this code...
> systemctl enable mysqld.service
> systemctl start mysqld.service
> but it gave me a error message: "Running in chroot, ignoring request"
> and mysqld does not start to allow data insertion with mysql <<
> anyone know hot to do this on fc15+ with systemd ?
> thanks...
> Rocha
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