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On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, Tim Mooney wrote:

In regard to: Re: kickstart vs. /etc/login.defs, Michael Hennebry said (at...:

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, root@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Firstly, for where to put the ks file, it would be easiest for you to remaster the boot CD, and put the ks file into the root directory of the CD, update the configuration for the CD's boot-loader to add something like "ks=cdrom:/fc14.ks", and then burn the resulting (modified) file-tree to a new CD disk

For a one-off install, in the absence of a provisioning environment like
cobbler, I personally think it's a lot easier to load the kickstart file
over the network.  Just do something like

- place your ks.cfg in a directory that is accessible via a URL
- tell anaconda to load the ks.cfg from the URL


I think I can do that.  I'm pretty sure that I can use my web site for it.
Right, Tim?

To get around the too early/to late of %pre and %post, you may want to add a custom RPM archive file to the CD, have it dump the files into the being-created system, and run a command as part of its installation procedure that causes the newly added files to be read. Then reference the new RPM archive in the packages section of your ks file.

I don't understand from the initial post what the actual goal is, so it's
hard to know what to suggest here.  Unless I missed it, the original issue
has something to do with uids in the 101-499 range, but I have no idea
what the actual problem is.

By default, Fedora 16 has UID_MIN=GID_MIN=1000.
My Fedora 14 (EOL) has UID_MIN=GID=500.
These values are stored in /etc/login.defs .
I want to install (not uppgrade) Fedora 16 and retain the 500.
I have considered alternatives.
During %pre /etc does not yet exist,
so %pre is too early.
During %post there will already be fake users in the range 500..999,
so %post is too late.
Fedora claims that a kickstart file is the way to keep the 500.
Fedora was stingy with details.

I will say that you can do a lot in %post using things like "wget" to
fetch a remote tarball or zip and then using the contents of that archive
to perform further actions.

Michael   hennebry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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