Re: Issue using --percent with "logvol" in RHEL 6 kickstart file

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kickstart-list-request@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Jeff Wells wrote:
>  I have tried adding the --size and --grow based on the the RHEL 6
>  documentation but still get the same error:
>  part /boot --fstype "ext3" --size=250 --asprimary
>  part pv.01   --size=1 --grow --ondisk=sda
>  volgroup vglocal00 pv.01
>  logvol swap     --fstype swap --name=swap00 --vgname=vglocal00 --
>  size=2048
>  logvol /tmp     --vgname=vglocal00 --size=2048 --name=tmp00
>  logvol /var/log    --vgname=vglocal00 --fstype ext4 --size=1 --
>  name=log00 --grow --percent=10
>  logvol /        --vgname=vglocal00 --fstype ext4 --size=1 --name=root00
>  --grow --percent=90
>  On Jun 14, 2011, at 2:17 PM, Jeff Wells wrote:
>  >  Issue:
>  >  When kicking with percent-based partitions, the logical volume
>  creation errors.
>  >  logvol / --vgname=myvg --size=1 --name=rootvol --grow --percent=90
>  >
>  >  Error:
>  >  An error was encountered while activating your storage configuration
>  >  lvcreate failed for vglocal00/log00: 11:30:57,333 ERROR: Unable to
>  create new logical volume with no extents

It might be the order in which you have specified things. The on-line documentation* specifies the syntax as:

logvol <mntpoint> --vgname=<name> --size=<size> --name=<name> <options>

and "fstype", "grow" and "percent" are all options.  Try re-ordering things:

part /boot --fstype "ext3" --size=250 --asprimary
part pv.01   --size=1 --grow --ondisk=sda
volgroup vglocal00 pv.01
logvol swap --vgname=vglocal00 --size=2048 --name=swap00 --fstype swap
logvol /tmp --vgname=vglocal00 --size=2048 --name=tmp00
logvol /var/log --vgname=vglocal00 --size=1 --name=log00 --grow --percent=10 --fstype ext4 logvol / --vgname=vglocal00 --size=1 --name=root00 --grow --percent=90 --fstype ext4



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