beta fc 15 strange read error on USB stick drive

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I downloaded the Beta on May 1. It uses anaconda 15.27 (11:555:41). I boot off
a sandisk FAT32 32GB USB stick (which has a single partition) and with my
kickstart file is on that drive.
Intermittantly (about 50% of the time over the last 6 times I have tried)
immediately after the probing the ethernet Network device screen (device is from
my kickstart file) (and hence AFTER my kickstart file has been read in) I get
a screen that says:
My sandisk drive may contain data... We could not detect partitions...
And it presents a box which says:
Apply my choice to all such devices
(Which I check)
And below that two choices:
Yes, discard data...
No, keep data...
Which I select.
The Examining Storage Devices screen then appears and the install always
proceeds and finishes OK after that.
Is there any way I can specify these two selections in my kickstart file.
I don't ZERO my MSB and I don't clear the partions (just use a single onpart
to format an existing ext3 partition) so it seems that it should be able to
figure that I don't want any other data destroyed (and not the one my kickstart file is on).
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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