Re: RHEL5.5 kickstart procedure unable to download RPMs

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On 03/22/2011 01:37 PM, Michael Mayer wrote:
Hi all,

i have a weird issue with RHEL5.5 and kickstart.

My current setup is:

All RHEL5.5 RPMs(i.e. the whole tree) and two additional repositories
are in a subversion repo. The repo is accessible via http to the client
to be installed.
The client is a virtual machine hosted on an ESX server. I have modified
boot.iso as well to contain the kickstart file which points to the
subversion repo via the "url" and "repo" commands. The boot.iso (about
10 MB in size) is attached to the virtual machine as a virtual CD-ROM.

If the virtual server boots up, it reads the kickstart file and then
proceeds to download the second-stage installer from the repository. It
sets up networking, formats the disk as wanted, browses through the RPM
repos for dependency resolution. Once that is finished, the screen
appears where RPMs are going to be installed.

So far so good.

Now things are going odd: anaconda complains about packages being
corrupt, broken or missing. This cannot be true here because I have
checked md5sum of the rpm both in the repo and after downloaded via
wget. In the SVN server access logs the respective RPM is downloaded 10
times, each time with return code 200 which for me indicates successful
download. If I am looking on the kickstarting server, there are no RPMs
to be seen anywhere. If I run a wget on that kickstarted server with the
same URL the RPM is downloaded correctly. Depending on which repos I am
using in the kickstart file, a different RPM is thought to be corrupt.

This is most likely a problem with the filelists.xml.gz file in your yum repository. Each package gets stored with a pkgid that is hash of the package (the hash depends on the checksum employed by createrepo). If it is complaining about a package in one of your additional repositories, then I'd start by making sure that a

createrepo --update /path/to/repo

has been done recently (needs to be done after any new packages are added).

If the repodata is current, then I've seen issues like this where the ram was going bad.


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