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Steve Robson <srobson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Edward Z. Yang wrote:
>> Excerpts from Steve Robson's message of Thu Sep 30 12:14:47 -0400 2010:
>>>     Not sure where you got "%end" from but I've never heard of it or used
>>> it.  It's not mentioned in the RHEL5 kickstart documentation starting at
>> Hello Steve,
>> %end is recommended practice by Fedora's wiki page on Kickstart:
>Hi Edward,
>   Current Fedora is years ahead of RHEL5.  For instance, I see "fc6" in 
>some of the package names on the RHEL5.3 I'm currently using.  The 
>"%end" directive must be new.  Well, newer than RHEL5.3.

Thanks to all for the answers - I ran into this years ago with
CentOS 4.4 and didn't get an answer at the time.

I'm just surprised that almost 5 years later, it's still not in RHEL!

It doesn't help that Anaconda doesn't plainly show its version ID
to the user during kickstart, and that its various web
documentation doesn't show or distinguish what version is being
documented, which might have clued me in that there were such
wide-apart versions in current use.

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