Re: Kickstart issues in RHEL6 Beta

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> 1) /tmp/netinfo is now gone.  This is one of the most widely
> documented place to easily get the network info when doing a %pre or
> %post script.  I guess I will write some new code to get the info
> manually out of ifconfig etc.. but a note about this would be nice in
> the EL6 release notes since lots of people probably use this today in
> EL5 kickstart scripts.

/tmp/netinfo was an implementation detail and a bit of a hack - really,
a way for anaconda's stage2 to know what loader set up.  loader doesn't
set up networking anymore.  NetworkManager does that.  Therefore, we
don't require netinfo anymore.  anaconda can get all that from dbus
instead of having to write out a file and read it back in again later.

> 2) In the current EL6 beta, the "list-harddrives" command inside the
> anaconda environment is totally broken if you have a CDROM drive.  It
> crashes with an error of "unknown disk label" from the python code.  I
> believe that this little utility was widely used in %pre and %post
> scripts as well.   It was the quickest way to get a list of all the
> disks on the system and their info.  I used it to verify the correct
> drive sizes and to automatically choose the first correct disk to
> install to in my kickstart.  I even used a formula based on the disk
> size info from list-harddrives to calculate the size of the swap lv.

File a bug, but please don't use any of the command stubs unless you
absolutely have to.  They do not recieve much of any testing or fixing.

- Chris

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