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> Hi, guys
> I am trying to install RedHat EL4 remotely.
> The way I tried is
> insert the disc_1 to boot the raw box -> using dhcp to start network
> -> install method selection
> When I select http or ftp method and input the http/ftp website name
> and directory, it will pop up a dialog box asking me to test the CD
> media or skip.
> when I choose skip it would went back to the http setup stage(asking
> for website name and directory).
> This comes to an dead loop.
> The network connection should be fine. I exported the installlation
> directory on the same server ,and nfs install went well.
> Is there anything I'm doing wrong to use http/ftp install method?
> Thanks
> Lei

When you get to the initial screen, are you entering:

linux askmethod

There is some goofiness with kickstart if you have a CD loaded, it 
keeps assuming you want to use it. For this sort of situation, 
I also tend to use the netboot.iso image, rather than disc_1 image.

These days, I use PXE boot (for cluster nodes) or boot the netboot.iso
image via a USB memory key.  For both of these, I use the FTP method.

-- Cris

 Cristopher J. Rhea                     
 Mayo Clinic - Research Computing Facility
 200 First St SW, Rochester, MN 55905
 (507) 284-0587

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