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>From: William J. Dennison [mailto:william_dennison@xxxxxxx]
>The 3 packages (rpms) exist in an "extra" "local" repository that Cobbler
>offers to Kickstart. If the command "yum install tomcat" for example is
>given, the rpm for tomcat is accessed and installed correctly. If tomcat
>is placed in the Kickstart file, Tomcat is installed, but the rc.d 
>directory is not populated with a chkconfig'ed link and the start file 
>inside /etc/init.d is created but empty.

It feels as it Tomcat is being installed before some of the packages needed by its postinstall script, such as chkconfig (you can check the anaconda log to make sure).  If you can get the source rpms, and modify them so that the .spec file lists those packages as PreReq (not Requires), you may get it to work.  Otherwise, install them from %post.

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