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Re: certmaster segfault and incorrect responses

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On Thu, 2011-06-02 at 12:04 -0700, Lance Laursen wrote:
> Sure. fwiw, i'm seeing this on physical systems as well as a bran new
> VM I spun up with the CentOS5.5 DVD, with no packages selected aside
> from base.
> rpm -Va shows results for openldap/pam stuff and not much else.
> Doesn't seem to return anything when I use
> packagename-with-full-versioning.1.2.3 so excuse the messy perl that
> strips off versioning.
> [root@centvirt5 ~]# rpm -Va {func,certmaster,python}
> [root@centvirt5 ~]# rpm -qa|grep pyth|perl -pe 's/(\w+\-\w+)\-.+/$1/'|
> xargs rpm -Va
> [root@centvirt5 ~]# 

hmm - okay.

well just for your future use:

rpm -qa --qf "%{name}.%{arch}\n" 

will give info in the format you'd want, I think.

--qf can be your friend - also look at repoquery in yum-utils


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