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Func 0.27 + Puppet

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I've read the func man page and trolled the list as much as I can to find an answer to this; apologies if I've been blind.

I'm interested in running Func in conjunction with our pre-existing Puppet infrastructure.  Per the wiki <> the wiki itself is no longer an appropriate reference for doing the integration work as of 0.27 (I've got func-0.27 from rpmforge and certmaster-0.27 from another location).  Is there a reference for what the new proper integration is?  I am (and my team is) new to Func so perhaps I'm missing something that would intuitive to a seasoned user, but I'm down to reading the patch commits and such to try to figure things out.  I would appreciate any pointers, and I'd be happy to provide an updated wiki page if one is not already elsewhere.


;P mn

Preston M Norvell <preston.norvell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Systems/Network Engineer
Serials Solutions <>
Phone:  (866) SERIALS (737-4257) ext 1094

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