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Re: [PATCH] removed RHEL 3 support now that RHEL 3 is EOS.

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On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 12:14, Greg Swift <gregswift@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
so... now that RHEL3 is EOS, I figured I'd go in an pull out the bits from the spec file since I introduced them.  Feel free to ignore it if you want to leave it in longer, but I can honestly say we are done using it and I don't know how many others were.

... Hmm and I think there may be a few wiki pages floating around that never got added into regular view.  If you apply the patch I'll go find my pages and delete them.

Missed something, sorry.  Use the 0002 patch in this e-mail instead of the previous e-mail's.

Attachment: 0002-Removed-RHEL-3-support-now-that-RHEL-3-is-EOS.patch
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