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Re: porting func to windows - what needs to be done?

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Hey to you all,

Got the Func minion to work on Windows host (at least ping and echo as other modules rely on Linux/UNIX specific operations). But in general all other methods that will be implemented in the future should work also.

The requirements for deploying Func minion to Windows were:
1. Python 2.4 for Windows
2. OpenSSL libraries for Windows
3. Python OpenSSL library
4. Python for Windows extensions

Changes in Func minion's code side included:
1. Changing file and directory (folder) paths in code
2. SocketServer should use ThreadingMixIn instead of ForkingMixIn
3. Replace subprocess forks with starting threads (for example) or starting subprocesses "Windows way" 4. Add code for installing and starting Func minion as Windows service (as opposed to the forked daemon under Linux)
5. File locking with fnctl had to be changed also for Windows

I removed overlord library and Func modules from the ported tree as our aim was only porting working minion to Windows. I probably have not removed all the unneccessary code (that is not needed by the minion), so if you notice you could let me know about it.

This is the first robust version of the Windows port. More code checking and general testing is needed.

If anybody is interested, I also attached diff output of original certmaster and func trees against the Windows port trees of certmaster and func.

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Best regards,
Danel Ahman

On 04.08.2010, at 16:26, seth vidal wrote:

On Wed, 2010-08-04 at 15:32 +0300, Andres Toomsalu wrote:

We are discussing windows port of func agent side (minion) - could
someone (from project developers etc) enlighten me a bit what needs to
be done for that?
We are trying to estimate the effort and to discover tasks for that. Any
help would be useful. Thanks in advance.

Absolutely no idea. You'd essentially need the python stack + ssl +
xmlrpc at the least.


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