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> Also noted that pages at are older than at
> the (live) site at, for the Dutch anyway.
> I've Updated some strings quite a while ago at
> Showed correct at live site within an hour or so, old strings still at
> stg. today.
> master branch still not accepting translations
> (again, what is 'master' about a master branch anyway?)
> grtz
> Richard

You're right, we don't update the stg.fpo translations yet.
This is because the content is not ready, we are going to edit the
interviews, quotes, and add some Cloud content.
Once done, I'll tell update the master branch and block
the f17-beta (merging f17-beta in master before, of course).
You could see the current branch used from the .tx/config file[1].

Actually, we are waiting the marketing team for the content…

Thank you for this question, I really hope to have it updated soon (as
translators will have a really short time).
CCing Robyn for that:


Kévin Raymond
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