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hello all.

So lets put a solution for this.

1.- I can ask Mo to help me create a blog post about this to call Ninjas for action to take the design. Should be easy since there is an html design, so we only need someone to make it usable for Drupal.
2.- Adding information to the site won't be a problem (it should only be a couple of pages for the moment that each one can edit) so "editor-crew" should be the same organizer team of each year FUDcon (another problem solved)
3.- Infra is cover, so we only need a fresh Drupal where to add all info (maybe do a simple archive for past FUDcon pictures and stuff)
4.- Maybe take care and integrate fudcon facebook and twitter resources and make them fill the page when we don't have time.

Do you think this might work as a midterm-long solution?

2012/5/2 Kévin Raymond <shaiton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Kevin,
> have you try to speck with Tatica? She was helping the setup during the
> Fudcon Milan and she did the activities to have it online. Probably she can
> help you
> Take care
> Francesco

Hi, Thanks Francesco,
I've seen with her… That this is a complete mess!
Adding the logistic list now that we need to sort this issue.

To summarize the fudcon.fpo websites status:
- From the Websites team perspective, we don't know how this website
is maintained, it was originally a staging solution waiting for a
Drupal instance to be set up (from my last 2 weeks research…)
- is *really* outdated
- There is no "FUDCon" comitee, we don't have anyone to refer if
something is done wrong, or if something is missing.
- The FUDCon wiki pages have nothing about publishing in or any other alternatives
- The first maintainers of are the one that
wanted to set up the Drupal instance (was insight helping them?), but
I can't find its current status, last info was on October 2011, and
involved guys are not responding (I think it was shreyankg and

To sort this, I am also adding in CC the FUDCon owners of the last and
future events, if you guys have been trying to deal with this website
(fudcon.fpo) before…
If anyone has any input, please tell me about this Drupal thing,
otherwise I'll simply forgot about this and setup a working process
for maintained by the websites team,
translated by translators, and fully designed in HTML/CSS. There will
be no foolish registering things.

Have a nice day,

Kévin Raymond
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Maria Gracia Leandro
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