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> Saleem and Shreyank,
> Don't you have a team, is there a process ?
> Without further info, I'll do things by myself and define the updating
> process (which should be explained in the fudcon organization page and
> somewhere on the websites wiki page).

For the Fedora hosted FUDCon site [1], we followed a simple process.
We would just make the changes in HTML and templates, verify them and
then commit them. The changes would reflect on the website after a delay
of roughly 1 hour. ( One only needs commit access to do this ).

However, for the purpose of FUDCon Pune we [2] setup a separate instance
with Drupal / COD [3]. We wanted to have a dynamic website with many features
which were simply not possible with a static website like fudcon.fp.o [1].

Therefore, was essentially not used for FUDCon Pune,
in which I was involved. Here is the relevant site:

If time is a constraint then I would suggest to go for a static web-site on, as configuring COD is a bit time-consuming task.
However, once it is configured correctly it will just work seamlessly.


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